. Tarot Reading, Festival of the Dead, Salem, MA  10/2013 It is always fun to get together with friends and family for a Psychic Reading Party with coffee and cake or wine and cheese, or others.  Select the length of the party (depending on how long each guest wants to have a reading and the number of guests at the party) enter the Contact Person and the Contact Phone including area code.  You can add comments about the party and possible dates for Lady Morgana Avallone to the “Shopping Cart-Order Summary” before you complete the payment. Make sure your information is accurate on the credit card information and Lady Morgana Avallone will call you and discuss all your options and set a date.  Usually at the parties each person will get a 15 min to 30 min reading depending on how many guests there are and how long the party will be.  Keep this in mind when setting up a party, you want to have enough time for each guest.  Do not try to book six guests in one hour, there will not be enough time to read everyone.  Hope to see you all soon at your house party.      50% deposit to reserve your party. Do not forget the Contact name, First name and Last name and the Contact Phone Number with area code included. A $50 travel fee will be added for any location further than 50 miles from Hyde Park, NY. For Entertainment purpose only Lady Morgana of Avallone Call: 347-525-8058   Pegan Expo 2011, LGBT Center, NYC, NY
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