LADY MORGANA OF AVALLONE Lady Morgana of Avallone is the founder of the Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team, a group of professional and devoted readers of tarot, oracle, pendulum and other forms of divination. Lady Morgana follows a family tradition of inherited psychics/mediums.  An intuitive and healer, she is a teacher of Wicca and Tarot in the metro NYC area and upstate, Dutchess, Ulster, Albany, Orange, Woodstock and Saratoga Counties. She is a Minister of the Church of Spiritual Humanism, a Dr. of Metaphysics for the ULC and High Priestess of Wicca for over 14 yrs. Founder of the Wiccans of the Crossroads Coven; present Founder and HPS of the Witches of the Crossroads of Hekate Coven in upstate NY, and Trustree/HPS if Hekate’s Sacred Temple in NYC. Lady Morgana Avallone is former co-owner of Magickal Wonders Psychic Café and Emporium, which served private and corporate sectors of the pagan community. She has appeared as a guest on cable TV shows; Web-casts. and presenter for seminars on various divination techniques. Her history of decades of service as a leader with respect for life and unity among all people, enables Lady Morgana to continue her path to complete her highest purpose. She may be reached at 347-525- 8058 or you can check out what is happening with her Spiritual Lightworks Team at: or google Lady Morgana of Avallone and view her many other websites in your area.                  Blessed Be                  Lady Morgana of Avallone Divination Team Divination Divination Parties Gifts, Spells & Ritual Items Intro & Link to Hekate's Sacred  Temple Web Site Social & Meetup Groups Contact Us Social Meetup Groups © Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team of New York State 2014 - Version 2.0