© Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team of New York State 2014 - Version 2.0 Joy Lynch Joy Lynch is a Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. She is the owner of Something for Everyone which offers figurines, crystals, metaphysical supplies, and her handmade items, through online sales and mobile vending events. Joy grew up on Long Island, but it wasn't until she moved to upstate New York that her true talents and creativity manifested themselves through her workings and handmade creations.  The rural setting she lives in provides the inspiration and materials that she uses to provide unique tools of the Craft, and her network is suppliers provide her with the items she does not find in her own back yard. Joy has always had an affinity for crystals and has been able to provide her customers with the stones and gems that they need.  Her training through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy helped hone her talents and her healings have benefitted many satisfied clients.  Her experience with various crystal modalities allows her to pinpoint areas that need work and start to unblock the energy flow.  Using pendulums for healing has also helped her to refine her ability to use them for divination.  Joy travels with her crystals and handmade items throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut for psychic fairs, street fairs, and festivals.  She performs her healings where the venues allow, as well as in private homes. Joy Lynch Visit Joy’s:    SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE    Store. Divination Team Divination Divination Parties Gifts, Spells & Ritual Items Intro & Link to Hekate's Sacred  Temple Web Site Social & Meetup Groups Contact Us Owner of SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Crafts and Gifts