Divination Team Divination Divination Parties Gifts, Spells & Ritual Items Intro & Link to Hekate's Sacred  Temple Web Site Social & Meetup Groups Contact Us Lady Morgana Avallone is the Co-Founder of the Hekate’s Sacred Temple Torchbearer Of The Crossroads, below is the Mission Statement:    Hekate's Sacred Temple Torchbearer of the Crossroads welcomes all Pagans whether in a Coven, Spiritual Group or as a Solitary. We come together as Devotees of Hekate to worship Her in a safe environment and to make this Temple a strong member of the New York and New Jersey Pagan Community. We are a Hekatean Wiccan/ Pagan Coven whose Matron Goddess is Hekate, and honor Her in all of our rites and rituals and also acknowledge those deities that are associated with Hekate.    We believe in the Wiccan Principles. They are the following: The Wiccan Rede, the Rule of Three and the Thirteen Principles of Witchcraft. We welcome Pagans who wish to attend the Hekate's Sacred Temple as long as the act in accordance with our principles. They are: >  To promote the practice and understanding of Pagan, Wiccan and all Earth-centered traditions. >  To hold regular rituals. We celebrate both Full and Dark/New Moon Esbats, all Eight Sabats on the Wheel of the        Year as well as all of Hekate's Festival Days. >  To explore and celebrate in a safe supportive environment the history, spellwork, and formal Rituals of Hekate. >  To share, teach, learn and explore by modeling, by mentoring, by demonstration, by oral and written traditions,      and by workshops and classes. >  To affirm each other as we each follow our own individual spiritual path through this life.    We maintain an environment that is safe, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We respect boundaries and comfort levels of self and others.  We are sanctioned by New York State as a Non-Profit Religious Organization with all the rights and privileges that a legal non-profit in the state has. By the law, only non-profit religious organizations are authorized to hold public services.                                                                               Hail Hakate! © Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team of New York State 2014 - Version 2.0 Intro & Link to Hekate's Sacred  Temple Web Site