. Alter - April 18, 2015 It is always fun to get together with friends to learn and study what we are interested in. Our classes will be scheduled on one of our many MeetUp groups (these can be found on the “Social Groups” page above. Once you have PSVP’d there come here and make sure you prepay using the PayPal link below. Remember that PayPal will accept payment through their own account or any of the major credit cards. Remember to include your Class ID from MeetUp page or the Class Calendar, your MeetUp ID Name also from MeetUp page or Email (if using the Class Calendar below) and within 24 hours you should get a conformation back through the MeetUp group page or your email. Please add your contact information as you are checking out in the “Shopping Cart-Order Summary” before you complete the payment, make sure you include Email and phone number. Any problems please contact Lady Morgana Avallone below or go to the “Sign Guest Book” and send us a note with all your contact information. Make sure you bring a copy of the receipt to the class! Lady Morgana of Avallone Call: 347-525-8058   Cape May Cold Spring Village, Aug 2014 - Paranormal Weekend
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