© Lorem ispum dolor sit amet 2010 THE VISION...NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL UNITY AMONG CRAFT PRACTIONERS...ALL WELCOME! Seeking Guidance?  We are here to offer support.  Private Consultations, Theme/Prediction Parties, Corporate events and fund raisers. Lady Morgana and her Psychic Team facilitates workshops and a Wiccan 3 year Coven Degree Program, Class Topics include the following: - How to use Herbs to enhance your life the    natural way. - Incense making for every occasion - Oils to use in rituals and healing - Gems and Crystals - Crafts to fashion for home and sacred spaces - Tarot/Divination Techniques including use of    cards, pendulum, runes, scrying with water and    mirrors. - Pagan history (Greco-Roman), Witchcaft basics,    comparison of Pagan Traditions. - Forums-Discussions about the Pagan     community, - GMO impact on mother Earth and her    inhabitants.  - Social events and Networking for fun and    community spirit.. Lady Morgana Avallone, HPS Goddess HEKATE Patroness of the cross roads